Getting Started with Flutter 1.12 and macOS 10.14

Grab the latest release ZIP file URL from

Open up Termainal and run

# download the zip to /tmp
curl -S > /tmp/

# extract the zip to /usr/local/bin
unzip /tmp/ -d ~/

# add symlink to the flutter bash file
ln -s ~/flutter/bin/flutter /usr/local/bin/flutter

# turn off Google Analytics reporting
flutter config --no-analytics

# check if all flutter dependencies are met
flutter doctor

If flutter doctor finds any issues, follow the recommendations to resolve the issues before starting a project.

# create an app named "app"
flutter create app

# change dir to "app"
cd app

# list available devices
flutter devices

# list available emulators
flutter emulators

# launch ios emulator
flutter emulators --launch ios

# launch the app
flutter run