Getting Started With Ruby

This guide is meant to supplement the curiosity of those learning to read and write programs written in Ruby. Try some of the courses over at Codeacademy to learn more in depth.

Also check out sample projects at my Ruby Guide Github project for opportunities to debug, fix, enhance, and test real code in real projects. You'll learn to use git, Bundler, and some powerful libraries like Sinatra and SQLite.

1. Getting Started With An IDE

Install your IDE of choice and run your first Ruby program.

2. Getting Started With IRB

Use the IRB console to evaluate simple Ruby expressions fast.

3. Getting Started With Variables

Add variables to your programs to level up your code.

4. Getting Started With Methods

Use methods to reuse code more easily.

5. Getting Started With Control Structures

Use control structures to dictate the flow of executed code.

6. Getting Started With Classes

Everything is an object, and objects are defined by classes.

Project 1. Hello World

Walk through cloning a project and running tests.